The Hellenic Motorhome Club (HMC) is a Panhellenic organization, the mission of which is:

  • to promote life with camper, as a means for travel, recreation and living close to nature
  • to help its members to develop good relations of cooperation and solidarity
  • to organize events of cultural interest
  • to help its members to exchange information on matters of common interest
  • to disseminate information of interest to them
  • to encourage interventions on ecological issues and to raise environmental awareness.
  • to liaise and cooperate with similar institutions in Greece and abroad
  • to design and implement outreach campaigns in Greece and abroad aiming at promoting the Hellenic cultural heritage
  • to organize on its own and in collaboration with public authorities, municipalities and local organizations, events of historical, entertainment, cultural, and ecological interest
  • to advocate for the resolution and promotion of issues related with the motorhome as new presence in Greece
  • to cooperate with the mass media in order to advertise its work and to facilitate communication among its members
  • to gather information and data for travel destinations in Greece and abroad
  • to lobby the government of Greece, non-state entities and local authorities in order to advance the establishment of European standards camper-stops which would provide reception, servicing and overnight parking of Greek and foreign campers in Greece.

The HMC is member of the FICM-AISBL.EU.
The HMC welcomes its foreign friends to its activities and events. It may be contacted at info [at] or by phone at (+30) 697 546 5817.


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